Time Really Does Fly.

Hey beautiful,

Today marks TWO YEARS in business for me.

That’s two years of being OUT OF THE ‘WORKFORCE’ and saying
“adios” to working a FULL TIME JOB.
Note: I have worked a couple of casual jobs in the two years.
But it’s been two years without a reoccurring payslip.

Funnily enough it is 4 years today that I ‘met’ my partner,
Matt. I use the word met in inverted commas because our first
encounter was through Facebook… that story is

I thought today, being that today’s date is obviously one that
has meant huge changes and the start of new chapters, that I’d
share with you the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in business (and
in life) in these two years.

And that is…
they will be exactly as they are meant to.

The other day I mentioned how when I first started my business
it was all about helping young girls get off the booze and find
their happy. I had an idea of what I wanted. A coaching
business.. coaching 10 clients per week and writing in my spare
Two years on and to be honest, I never hit that ’10 clients per
week’ picture I had in my head. Instead, I now coach 24 women
each week through a live workshop called Mummy Mind
[2] (and some
1:1’s here and there too). My business works around my life now
rather than my life working around my business.. and that’s
what’s so beautiful about it.


What I’ve realised is that the picture I had in my head was
never all that clear. I mean don’t get my wrong I did goal set
but, honestly I never really saw the vision in my head. It was
always fogged with doubt and a feeling of ‘something’s not
quite right
That all shifted when I became pregnant at the start of last
year. Less than a year into it.. not hitting any goals..
floating around feeling very lost.. and unsure what was going
to happen.

And then…
With EASE, with insane passion and with a certainty inside me
that THIS IS IT I found my DREAM.
The picture is SO clear now.
And the more I think about it, the closer I get to it… and the
more aligned I feel.

I know that life already has a few curveballs planned for me..
there have been SO many challenges in the last 10 months alone
with having my baby, being a solo parent 4 days of the week,
running a business and studying on top of it all.. but I’m
choosing to focus on the MAGIC.

I know that my VISION might not turn out exactly how I had
imagined, but I truly trust that it will be perfect for
me at that time.

I want you to trust that too beautiful..
Wherever you are RIGHT NOW.. enjoy it!
The struggles, the challenges, the huge milestones, the wins,
the days that you just want to throw in the towel… they are all
part of the journey!

You’ve got this.
You can do it.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, it means the
world to me.
Here’s to the next two years!

With love today & always,

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